meet the sumner girlies

whether shopping online or stopping by in store these ladies are 100% responsible for your experience and we wouldn’t be where we are without them.  get to know them & love them just like we do! 

Mady Conrad

★ CEO | Owner 

mady is a mama of 2, planning a wedding & running her dream business that started in 2021. she is often seen running inventory to different locations and behind every little detail that you see from sumner. mads handles the social media, and purchasing of all inventory and is also our main live sale host and can be seen on our social media in reels and stories. 




Gabby Waller

★ Co-Owner | Inventory Management 

gab is mama to 1 and started the boutique with mady back in 2021. she is at the store front most of the time and handles incoming inventory & shipping (so all of your online orders are packaged by ya girl). gab works on our social media, is our secondary live sale host and can also be seen on our social media in reels and stories. 


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we do not have any active affiliates at this time but will be posting when our program restarts this year.